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Spectrum Management

Spectrum Management Systems

Spectrum management is easily systematised: broken down into a number of separate processes that when joined become a system. What's in and what's out of this system varies. Sometimes the system includes fee collection. Sometimes it includes monitoring. In every case, a spectrum regulator must complete business process engineering to establish his system and then develop the activities from a solid base.

Many would argue that the ITU tells us how to do spectrum management. This is a grossly inflated claim. Every nation-state is unique and every nation-state has unique expectations about how the radio spectrum will contribute to the welfare of its citizens and their economy. The ITU, CEPT and others give good guidance and excellent detailed methods for technical analysis. They do not however 'tell' anything. This means that every nation-state, every spectrum regulator and every spectrum management organisation has differing needs.

InterConnect Communications consultants have elicited requirements, specified, designed and implemented spectrum management systems across the world. They have specified and delivered systems and sub-systems for specific purposes such as those for military mission management, multi-lateral agreement compliance and cross-service coexistence analysis.

InterConnect consultants understand the spectrum regulation and software engineering domains and are in a unique position to assist spectrum management organisations to develop, implement and enhance their spectrum management systems in whatever form they exist today and against whatever future vision the SMO has.