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Wireless Networks

Spectrum Aspects of Networks

All wireless networks make use of the radio spectrum. As such their future return on investment is dependent on being able to exploit that spectrum resource. We offer a comprehensive set of consulting services including:

  • Spectrum Acquisition - spectrum auction support or preparation of proposals to regulators;
  • Support During Re-farming - to ensure that any compensatory allocations meet network needs;
  • Spectrum Coexistence - advising on block edge or geographic sharing constraints;
  • Interference Resolution - discussing with regulators and operators to achieve coexistence;
  • Licence Condition Compliance - cross border spillover, radiation hazard and visual impact studies.

Networks that use spectrum sub-optimally will under-perform. Yet managing interference and using the available spectrum in the network implementation is not difficult. It starts with getting enough of the right type of spectrum in the first place and then using suitable engineering rigour in its use. InterConnect Communications has helped many network operators optimise their spectrum use.