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Dealing with Regulatory Change in a Fast Moving Market

Regulatory Advice and Guidance Service - Can We Help?

Do you need information, advice or guidance on regulatory changes that might affect your business?

Is the world of telecoms regulation confusing and worrying for you as you plan your future?

Do the recent changes to the charging and billing regime for non-geographic call services present you with compliance and implementation challenges?

Do changes to European market definitions and the UK regulation of lines and calls threaten your business?

InterConnect Communications can help you by providing a full regulatory support service that will ensure you receive regular Compliance Imagebriefings on anything that affects you, full detail on the nature of expected impacts and reliable, tailored advice as to how you can plan to deal with the changes to come. You can have all the benefits of your own regulatory advisor, without employing one.

By supplying you with this service on a retainer arrangement for a reasonable monthly fee, InterConnect will cover specific areas of concern, providing the services described below:

  • High level summaries of European and UK telecoms sector developments that may affect your business model, providing you with opportunities or presenting you with challenges that need to be addressed
  • Regular briefings on specific regulatory developments affecting the European Union and UK markets, designed to ensure that you know what you need to know at the earliest opportunity and have time to seek advice and make plans to deal with changes in regulation
  • Access to expert advice tailored to your business, covering the nature and impact of regulatory developments and high level strategic approaches to dealing with them
  • Access to additional consulting services at favourable rates to assist you in devising detailed business plans, negotiating with suppliers for new arrangements, reviewing technical issues and addressing product development and market challenges.

Particular areas of expertise and advice that InterConnect can help you with are shown below, indicating the wide coverage you can expect:

  • Non-Geographic Call Services (NGCS) – the new service charge regime, implementation and compliance, financial aspects, management of the cost base, negotiations with interconnect suppliers
  • Numbering – new allocations, planning, portability implementation and third party negotiation
  • Spectrum – allocation, management
  • Community broadband - expert analysis, investment support, stakeholder management and funding advice for local fibre access and superfast broadband projects
  • Economic regulation – regulator reviews of markets and remedies, implications for the future, impacts of specific business models
  • Regulated charges – interconnect regimes, disputes, financial management issues
  • Compliance – consumer regulations, regulatory compliance
  • European regulatory developments