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Broadband Strategic Development

Development of Operational and Commercial Processes, Terms and Conditions

The development of a successful network, including an Open Access Network, relies upon the creation of robust processes which allow the operator to set up its network and services in an efficient manner as well as supporting the provision of wholesale services to other operators.

A document similar to a Reference Offer required of operators whose services are regulated, is useful to describe the services provided on the network and associated terms and conditions by which the services would be offered to other operators. Such an access offer would include:

  • Descriptions of the products or services offered, including schematic diagrams
  • Terms and conditions of network services offered to other operators including dispute resolution process and clauses covering contract termination, force majeure and so on.
  • Provisioning processes, including the details of forecasts required (if any), order forms for operators to request service and timescales to provide service
  • Operational and maintenance processes, including fault repair timescales and escalation procedures
  • Technical details of the services including interface specifications and test procedures
  • Billing and invoicing procedures.

A reference access offer could then be provided to potential operators who are interested in using the network to offer services to customers. Where services aren’t regulated, there is some scope for flexibility within the offer, such as pricing, but it is useful to have elements such as technical and operational processes written down for easy reference as they are unlikely to differ between operators.

InterConnect has considerable experience in drafting reference offers for regulated services and is well placed to assist in the drafting an access offer document and support the contract negotiations which would follow.