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Master Class in Numbering, Number Portability, Naming and Addressing

About the Course

Numbers have always had an important role in telecommunications however the importance of numbering as a regulatory instrument has increased significantly, with fair and transparent access to numbers an essential part of ensuring a competitive telecommunications market.

The Master Class in Numbering and Number Portability provides a comprehensive understanding of practical issues surrounding numbering and number portability including the theory, key issues and implementation guidance. As the week progresses, the course will consider the impact changes in technology is having on numbers, introducing naming and addressing in IP networks.

The course is the ideal training resource for professionals involved in or wishing to learn more about the regulation and management of numbering in the communications sector, particularly those working for regulators and operators.

Information on the course including registration, pricing, presenters and downloading the course brochure can all be accessed in the tabs below.


NumberingTo download the course brochure, please click on the brochure image.

The Master Class in Numbering and Number Portability runs only once a year. The course date for 2017 is:

To be advised


Registering for the Master Class in Numbering and Number Portability is quick and easy. You can either register online through the website or you can complete a hard copy booking form which can be faxed or scanned and emailed to us.

To register online, please complete the online booking form and submit. Please include a valid email address for all delegates as these are used to confirm registration and to send additional information regarding attendance.

NumberingFor hard-copy registrations, download the course brochure (left) and complete the registration information on the last page of the brochure in full and return to us. Please ensure you include a valid email address for follow-up course information.

If possible, however, we would prefer to receive online registrations as handwritten (and faxed) responses can be difficult to read sometimes.

N. B. Whichever method you choose, please ensure all registrations have full internal approval before submission. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information on our cancellation policy.


The Master Class in Numbering and Number Portability costs £2650 (excluding VAT). Please note that this course takes place in London and does not include accommodation. More information on what is included in the price of the course is outlined in the What's Included? page on the site.

We are happy to offer discounts on our standard pricing but only in relation to multiple bookings and a formal structure for this applies.

UK Value Added Tax (VAT) is chargeable on all bookings for the Master Classes. From 2011, where applicable, VAT will be charged at the standard UK rate of 20%. This is applied to the standard or discounted course prices outlined above. This is applied to the standard or discounted course prices outlined above. There are however circumstances under which VAT will be zero rated for certain Government organisations.

For more information on discount structures for multiple bookings and VAT conditions, please visit our Pricing page.


Each course is presented by experts in the field. Presenters for the Numbering Master Class and a short bio for each are outlined below:

Phil Rushton

Phil RushtonPhil is a Senior Consultant with InterConnect specialising in Numbering but has wide experience of emerging issues within the telecommunications environment. He worked for BT for 31 years, where for the last 6 years he led development and application BT’s numbering policy and naming policy, and became responsible for BT’s relationship with Ofcom on Numbering Policy. Phil has key positions in International forums (where he is the editor for a number of key ITU-T Recommendations including ITU T Recommendation E.164), and undertakes key roles for Governments in negotiations associated with Numbering.

Phil has also been responsible for leading international discussions on behalf of UK and other European Governments across a number of important issues such as Child Online Protection and Climate Change.

Philip Warren

Philip WarrenPhilip is a Senior Consultant with InterConnect, joining in April 2014, and has worked in the telecommunications industry for 40 years. His primary area of expertise is number portability which he has been involved with since its inception in the UK, firstly as an interconnect project manager in BT with responsibility for the initial roll-out of geographic number portability (GNP) and then later as Product Manager. After leaving BT in 2000, Philip took up broadly similar responsibilities in Cable and Wireless as their Number Portability Product Manager.

After implementing new service establishment with key operators at Cable and Wireless, Philip was seconded in 2004 to a start-up company, Bulldog Broadband, where he was charged with implementing number portability from scratch. From 2007 until early in 2014 Philip worked as a project manager for service provider Easynet (then owned by BSKYB), managing a number of projects such as developing managed video conferencing and establishing Business Continuity for the company. Philip is a certified Prince2 project manager and has maintained his status as an industry representative for Ofcom regulated products chairing the UK NP Process Forum for three extended periods between 1998 and 2006.

Tony Holmes

Tony HolmesTony worked with British Telecom for over 30 years and led its Numbering, Naming and Addressing Policy and Strategy team. He has also held a number of key positions in relevant International forums including the ETSI Group responsible for Numbering, Addressing and Routeing (which he has chaired for over 10 years) and a number of rapporteurships on key numbering projects in ITU-T Study Group 2.

Over the past 5 years Tony has focused on key technology changes and the move towards IP-based networks, leading the numbering, addressing and identification work within ETSI TISPAN as well as participating in the various Regional Internet Registry debates on IPv4 and IPv6 addressing. He was elected as Chairman of the ISP and Connectivity Providers Constituency of ICANN and represented that group on the council responsible for policy development of the internet’s generic name space.

Tony is one of InterConnect’s core team members for Internet Infrastructure and Governanvce work and was a key contributor to the recent studies on DNSSEC, IPv6 Deployment and CGN Technologies for Ofcom. He has also been heavily involved in InterConnect work for ICANN’s Evaluation Panels for the new gtld programme and current work on the ATRP GNSO PDP.

Stacie Walsh

Stacie WalshStacie Walsh is a Consultant on Internet Infrastructure and Governance for InterConnect Communications. She specialises Internet policy and regulation. Prior to joining InterConnect, Stacie was Project Assistant at Global Partners Digital where she managed and provided key support to a number of international Internet governance projects. In 2015, she completed a Master’s in Media and Communication Governance from the London School of Economics (LSE) where she specialised in cybersecurity and data protection. Stacie was selected as an ICANN54 NextGen participant in November 2015. Currently, she is a member of ICANN’s Registration Directory Service Policy Development Process Working Group.

Stacie has a MSc. in Media and Communication Governance (Distinction) from the London School of Economics (LSE) and a B.A. in Communication from the University of California, San Diego (Magna Cum Laude). Over the course of her studies at the LSE she was an intern for the Media Policy Project. She also holds a professional French language proficiency certificate (DELF B2, 2014).

Les Oliver

Les OliverLes Oliver is a senior consultant with InterConnect Communications Ltd and has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 35 years. Since joining InterConnect, Les has specialised working with operators and regulators on matters relating to supporting preparations for the implementation of number portability and the development and administration of national numbering plans and policy. Prior to joining InterConnect, Les was Product Manager at BT in the Wholesale Equal Access Team with individual responsibility for Carrier Pre-Selection, Non-Geographic Number Portability and Local Loop Unbundling.

Over the last seven years, Les has advised a number of organisations on Number Portability implementation and vendor selection. He has recently completed MNP Feasibility Studies for the regulators in Namibia and Afghanistan. On MNP implementation, he has recently been working Kuwait where MNP launched in July 2013 and he advised Etisalat Nigeria on their preparations for MNP launch which took place in April 2013.

Prior to that, he was an advisor to the NCA in Ghana from start to finish of their MNP implementation which went live on schedule and without incident in July 2011 and is widely regarded as Africa’s most successful implementation thus far. Les has also advised regulators or operators in Jordan, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Isle of Man on Number Portability implementation or vendor selection.

The course is structured around traditional PSTN numbering and number portability before introducing the concepts behind IP naming and addressing and where the PSTN will increasingly interface with IP networks. There is also a case study that delegates will work on during the week.

  • Principles of Numbering: National Requirements and Policy Impacts
  • Principles of Numbering: Meeting Increasing Resource Demands
  • Regulatory Intervention and the Role of Numbering, Today and Tomorrow
  • Implementing Numbering Changes
  • Numbering Plan Administration
  • Regulatory Fees for Numbers
  • Misuse of Numbers
  • Numbering Impact of Regulatory Products
  • Fundamentals of Number Portability
  • Technical and Administrative Options in Number Portability
  • Measuring the Success of your NP Implementation
  • Impact of Number Portability in Other Areas
  • From the PSTN to an IP World
  • Addressing and Naming on the Internet (Part 1)
  • Addressing and Naming on the Internet (Part 2)
  • The Emergence of an Internet of Things and its Impact on Naming and Addressing
  • The Future, Converged: Critical Topics in the Internet’s Global Landscape

If you have any questions about the course or registration, please contact us.