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Numbering and Number Portability

National Number Plans

As increasing competition and proliferation of telecommunications products and services leads to ever-greater demands on the numbering resource, network operators (and other service providers) need to be confident in enjoying timely, equal and transparent access to available numbers if competition is not to be distorted. As a consequence the tradition of the incumbent operator managing the National Numbering Plan becomes untenable and a neutral third party is required to undertake this function. As the regulator is responsible for stimulating competition in the national telecommunications market, it is the obvious body to undertake this duty.

InterConnect Communications can support new national regulatory authorities or existing regulators that have been tasked with the introduction of number resource regulation into a national telecommunications market. Our numbering and regulatory specialists can carry out a review of the current use and assignment of telephone numbers within the country, or provide a draft or final National Number Plan and/or National Numbering Policy. We can also assist with the regulatory implementation of numbering plans and policies, reflecting international best practice.

Our experience in this field is global in its reach, but with particular reference to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and Africa.