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Broadband Strategic Development

NGA Network Procurement

A well defined procurement strategy is an important element of a Next Generation Access project. The procurement model needs to be developed in advance in order to frame the project development process. Procurement models differ between public and private sector funded projects.

Public procurement models can be many and varied depending on local circumstances. Large public procurement projects may need to meet very specific criteria in order to comply with national or international guidelines. If state funding is to be included in the project, some restrictions may be applied to the project or the procurement process in order meet qualification criteria. InterConnect can provide support to the public procurement process through technical and other assistance.

Within private procurement processes, well thought out tender documents will allow potential bidders to fully understand the requirements of the project and to produce a tender which meets the criteria set out for the project. The tender documentation should include:

  • The scope of the project
  • The timescales for the tender to be submitted
  • The evaluation process
  • Supporting information, where appropriate
  • The format for the submission – particularly in the form of technical and financial bids.

Evaluation may provide a shortlist of preferred tenders who may be required to discuss their approach to the project in person in order to provide more detail on their plans. Following the evaluation process, a preferred tender will be chosen who will then enter contract negotiations and sign a formal contract before work on the project can begin.

InterConnect has considerable experience in the field of drafting tenders and evaluating the responses and is well placed to assist in the private procurement process for project development.