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Broadband Strategic Development

Modelling Network Architecture and Deployment Options

In cases where strategic plans or commercial development have identified the need for deployment of Next Generation Access network infrastructure, consideration must be given to identifying the most appropriate and cost effective network architectures for deployment. NGA networks can be built using a variety of technologies, network architectures and deployment options. Technologies can include Digital Subscriber Loop (DSL), active optic fibre, passive optic fibre and wireless based networks.

InterConnect can review options for network architecture and network deployment to identify solutions that meet the aims of a specific strategic plan.

InterConnect can also advise on assessing available Next Generation Access architectures to identify options for utilising specific technologies and network infrastructure to provide required functionality and area coverage.

Having identified viable options for Next Generation Access network architectures, InterConnect can examine the attributes of preferred deployment options in more detail by utilising our NGA deployment model to produce key operational and economic metrics.

The model can be used to assess a number of specific deployment scenarios based upon socio-economic data for the deployment area and assumptions for parameters such as:

  • Specific technology options and associated costs
  • Total premises, by type, in a given deployment area
  • Specified range of deployment phasing options
  • Estimations of service take-up
  • Impact of opportunities for sharing infrastructure

Outputs from the model will provide data that can be used to and would include:

  • high level capital and operational costs for specific deployment options
  • models of commercial and economic returns based on preferred deployment investment scenarios
  • financial and commercial data that can be used to assess the feasibility of commercial finding for deployment options.