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Wireless Networks

Network Modelling

Before making business decisions, engineers, economists, lawyers and investors need to understand the outcome of the various options open to them. In every wireless network there are thousands of variables from architecture to services offered to sites used. Even the same technology deployed in a different country where terrain and demand density vary will perform dramatically differently. Just giving the network more spectrum resource may provide for subscriber growth. Despite having many variables, there is a rich body of knowledge supported by many international research programmes to build models of performance. These models allow consultants to simulate change in variables such that options can be explored to help make the right decisions.

Models of wireless networks can therefore be used very effectively to inform business strategy, pricing and technical planning decisions. InterConnect Communications has developed:

  • Cost Models - to inform regulatory decisions such as interconnection service prices;
  • Business Models - revenues, costs and financial forecasts;
  • Spectrum Models - assessing the spectrum needed for given strategies;
  • Network Investment Appraisal - giving return on investment for different technologies;
  • Engineering Models - informing technology choice and implementation plans.

InterConnect can advise on all aspects of the business of wireless networks.