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Wireless Networks

Network Due Diligence

Business models for wireless networks across the world are changing. In many countries the average revenue per user has been dropping and earnings of wireless operators are declining. Operators are searching for new ways of making adequate returns on investment, and most are looking to data and content to do it. InterConnect Communications consults on all aspects of wireless network business operation and our services include:

  • Investment Due Diligence - is this firm everything it appears to be?
  • Engineering Due Diligence - is the network engineered to best practice?
  • Market Due Diligence - does the network or service meet the current need? What about future demand?
  • Resilience Due Diligence - is the network robust under threat?
  • Expansion Due Diligence - is there headroom for expansion of services?
  • Services Due Diligence - how are value added services to be implemented?

Because we have comprehensive modelling competence and have models developed we are able to advise on the likely outcomes of strategic options and evaluate proposed changes to networks, services and organisations.