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InterConnect Communications

Resources and Downloads

Knowledge of the electronic communications industry and its regulation is central to InterConnect’s consulting and training activities.  Our consultants are continuously involved in research and analysing a wide variety of industry trends and key issues, and are widely respected as experts in their particular fields of expertise.

As you would expect, much of our work is client-oriented and thus performed under conditions of strict confidentiality.  Where time allows, however, InterConnect consultants do produce articles and other related publications on key industry topics, with the aim of sharing some of their expertise with a wider audience.  These we are pleased to publish on this part of our website.

Many of our consultants’ thoughts are in the form of concise opinion pieces dealing with a specific issue of topical interest.  These are either available as White Papers or podcasts. A representative selection of these you will find in the associated page covering White Papers and other Resources.

In addition, InterConnect has long been recognised for its telecommunications publications, perhaps the best-known of which is our long-running Acronyms and Abbreviations in Telecommunications booklet.  More recently, this has been joined by our guide to telecoms regulation, Principles of Telecommunications Regulation

Both publications continue to be in demand by regulatory and telecommunications professionals worldwide, and information on obtaining your own copy may be obtained by visiting our Publications page.