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Internet Infrastructure and Governance

The Internet of Things

Further complicating the Internet governance field is the dawn of the Internet of Things. A continuous and interconnected network of machine and human data is being produced at an unprecedented rate, too fast even for computers to track and log it all.

The data travelling over these networks, the people connected to them, and the infrastructure itself is all at risk if security standards, interoperable protocols and best practices are not maintained.

Every single aspect of human life – from shopping to voting, transportation to healthcare, socialising to political organising - is being affected by the Internet and the move toward digitising everything.

The real value that the Internet of Things creates is at the intersection of gathering data and leveraging it. We believe that the key technologies and policies are just beginning to emerge.

Our Expertise

InterConnect can help your organisation prepare for and manage its shift to the Internet of Things (IoT). Our experts provide tailored consulting, analysis and training on issues related to policy, standards and security for the IoT:

  • Interoperability, connectivity and standardisation
  • Consumer and sensor networks
  • Industrial applications and services
  • Legal liability and jurisdiction
  • Effect of IoT on economies, sectors, and consumer protection
  • Data protection, security, and privacy

How We Can Help

InterConnect can help with:

  • CPD certified 4-day and 1-day Master Classes on the Internet of Things delivered in the UK or tailored and provided directly to your organisation
  • Supporting innovation and the Internet through progressive policies
  • Structuring standards and interoperability
  • Managing addresses, numbers and identifiers in the IoT
  • Rebuilding trust and confidence in IoT security
  • Rethinking privacy and data usage for the IoT
  • Navigating and complying with data protection and information security regulations

If you are interested in learning more about what our team of experts can provide for you, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss in more detail.