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Consulting Services

Internet Infrastructure and Governance

Building policy and systems that can accommodation local, regional, and international laws, infrastructure, and social and political norms will be essential in an increasingly connected world. But as we graft new systems onto old ones and try to maintain the Internet’s interoperability and end-to-end principles, new challenges are emerging that need immediate attention and thorough analysis.

Connected World

We can help make sure that you and your networks institute the best possible protocols and policies to support security, interoperability and a functional Internet ecosystem at every level.

Key Challenges

This extraordinary pace at which online space is changing us and our world creates challenges as well as opportunities:

  • How can we meet the varied and often poorly understood technical challenges of building and developing the Internet, especially in countries with weaker infrastructure?
  • And how can we build in robust and efficient measures to keep the technical infrastructure we all rely on secure without destroying the openness at its core?
  • Addressing national policy challenges in a way that creates and sustains pro-Internet and pro-innovation environments
  • How do we unleash the potential of local Internet content, languages, and technical communities while ensuring the global interoperability at the core of the Internet’s strength?
  • How is the Internet changing the roles of citizens, the state and private actors, and tipping existing power balances between states?

Our Expertise

Our team provides public and private sector organisations with tailored expertise on Internet infrastructure and governance.

Our experienced consultants and associates combine deep technical and policy knowledge to help you deal effectively with the technological, political, economic and social issues of the Internet.

Taking each case as a unique challenge, we provide carefully targeted policy analysis and technical support on:

  • Internet Internet of Things – policy, standards, security
  • Internet Governance and Policy – ICANN, IETF, W3C, ITU, IGF
  • Cyber Security and Privacy – threats and opportunities
  • Domain Name Ecosystem – Registry and Registrars, ccTLD, gTLD, DNS & DNSSEC
  • Internationalising the Internet – the next billion users

In addition to our consulting services, we also offer training and knowledge transfer across these areas and can provide tailored in-house support upon request.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss in more detail.