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Access and Interconnection


With over fifteen years of experience in the field, InterConnect Communications can help both regulators and operators to implement successful interconnection processes and maximise the benefits from them.

For regulators, our team of experts can deploy extensive practical knowledge to develop a pro-competitive interconnection regime based on international best practice but still tailored to the specific needs of individual countries. We can assist regulators in reviewing applicable legislative and regulatory instruments to produce detailed Interconnection Guidelines summarising the rights and responsibilities of industry players and help create a framework structure for the negotiation of interconnection agreements between them.

For operators, we can provide hands-on assistance with the drafting of Reference Interconnection Offers and help obtain regulatory approval for them. We can also help in reviewing existing offers for compliance and defining suitable amendments if required. Last but not least, we can provide expert support in drafting, negotiating and implementing robust and sustainable interconnection agreements between operators.