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Master Class in Interconnection and Next Generation Networks and Access

About the Course

InterConnect's Access and Master Class in Interconnection and Next Generation Networks and Access is the ideal training resource for professionals involved in or wishing to learn more about the interconnection of communications networks. The class covers technical, regulatory and commercial issues and will be particularly appropriate to commercial operators, competitive and incumbent, as well as to national regulatory authorities responsible for regulating these markets.

Information on the course including registration, pricing, presenters and downloading the course brochure can all be accessed in the tabs below.


InterconnectionTo download the course brochure, please click on the brochure image.

The Master Class in Interconnection and Next Generation Networks and Access runs once per year.

The next course date is: To Be Advised


Registering for the Access and Master Class in Interconnection and Next Generation Networks and Access is quick and easy. You can either register online through the website or you can complete a hard copy booking form which can be faxed or scanned and emailed to us.

To register online, please complete the online booking form and submit. Please include a valid email address for all delegates as these are used to confirm registration and to send additional information regarding attendance.

InterconnectionFor hard-copy registrations, download the course brochure (left) and complete the registration information on the last page of the brochure in full and return to us. Please ensure you include a valid email address for follow-up course information.

If possible, however, we would prefer to receive online registrations as handwritten (and faxed) responses can be difficult to read sometimes.

N. B. Whichever method you choose, please ensure all registrations have full internal approval before submission. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information on our cancellation policy.


The course costs £2650 (excluding VAT). Accommodation is NOT included in the cost of this course. More information on what is included in the price of the course is outlined in the What's Included? page on the site.

We are happy to offer discounts on our standard pricing but only in relation to multiple bookings and a formal structure for this applies.

UK Value Added Tax (VAT) is chargeable on all bookings for the Master Classes. From 2011, where applicable, VAT will be charged at the standard UK rate of 20%. This is applied to the standard or discounted course prices outlined above. There are however circumstances under which VAT will be zero rated for certain Government organisations.

For more information on discount structures for multiple bookings and VAT conditions, please visit our Pricing page.


Each course is presented by experts in the field. Presenters for the Interconnection Master Class and a short bio for each are outlined below:

Eric Tyson

Eric TysonEric Tyson is Director of Commercial Services at InterConnect and he has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 30 years, initially with BT and more recently with InterConnect Communications. He has carried out project work throughout Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Asia and Africa working with telecommunications ministries, regulators, operating companies and development agencies. Eric has focused extensively on the development of interconnection and tariff regimes, cost-modelling and regulatory and operator performance matters but also has considerable experience in new services development, business planning and benchmarking.

His recent work includes the review of the existing interconnection issues, recommendations on appropriate interconnection regimes, the development of LRIC cost models for both fixed and mobile services and the application of model outputs to establish fair, cost-based interconnection rates.

Eric leads the Access ansd Interconnection Master Class and developed the course programme for the NGN Master Class, which he also leads. He also presents on the Regulatory and Economic Regulation Master Classes.

Mike Barford

Mike BarfordMike is a chartered management accountant and regulatory specialist with over 15 years' experience in telecommunications regulation and finance. After some years as a commercial accountant in the manufacturing sector, he joined BT, specialising in regulatory pricing, running the Network Charge Control regime financial model, working with regulatory accounting and separation functions and managing the team responsible for the Carrier Price List.

On leaving BT, Mike joined Tiscali UK as Regulatory Director where he was responsible for regulatory strategy, policy and public affairs in a time of rapid growth and the development of LLU and NGNs in the UK. He was heavily involved on the industry side of Ofcom’s Strategic Review of Telecommunications and the subsequent BT Undertakings. He dealt with a range of regulatory issues, across telephony, broadband, business services and pay TV. Mike's particular areas of specialism include economic regulation and regulatory accounting, interconnection, access and infrastructure development. He joined InterConnect in July 2014.

Leo Borwick

Leo BorwickLeo Borwick has worked in a variety of senior roles in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years, specialising in business modelling, pricing, regulatory policy and strategy. He has worked with fixed and mobile operators, challengers, ISPs, equipment suppliers and regulators in the UK, Europe, Africa and South East Asia. His recent work has focused on LRIC cost analysis, pricing strategy and price cap reviews. Recent assignments have included building LRIC cost models of fixed and mobile operators, assisting an industry body with developing a consensus on NGN interconnection, assisting the UK regulator, Ofcom, with their review of the future of mobile termination charges and developing a set of scenarios concerning the future of the communications industry for the City of London.

Catherine Joyce

Catherine JoyceCatherine Joyce is a Senior Consultant with InterConnect working on interconnection, cost modelling and tariff strategies. She has worked in Jordan, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bosnia, Serbia, Gibraltar, Malta, Morocco, Oman and the Lebanon. Before joining InterConnect, Catherine was a Senior Consultant with Cable and Wireless, where she was responsible for interconnect cost analysis, traffic modelling and analysis, and the development of interconnection strategies. Catherine presents key sessions on the Regulatory and Interconnection classes.

John Holdsworth

John Holdsworth has been involved in the telecoms sector for 30 years and has extensive experience of NGN Voice systems based on both SIP and H.323 protocols. He has been a member of ETSI TISPAN and an active member of the UK NICC (who defined the first regulated voice interconnect for NGN networks) contributing both security and call prioritisation elements to this work. An expert on Session Border Controllers and associated security issues, John has both a detailed and systems level knowledge of NGN networking including IMS architectures. John presents on IP / NGN at the Interconnection Master Class and is a lead presenter on the NGN Master Class.

Interconnection is considered to be at the very heart of developing an open, vibrant efficient, effective and competitive commuications sector. Interconnection is the means by which subscribers to one network are able to seamlessly communicate with those of another or access the services offered by other networks.

The Master Class in Interconnection and Next Generation Networks and Access covers the following main areas:

  • Regulation of Interconnection
  • Wholesale and Retail Services
  • Setting Interconnection Charges
  • Technology of Voice
  • Interconnection Voice Services
  • Technology of Data
  • Interconnection Data Services
  • Policy and Regulation: Core Networks
  • Policy and Regulation: Next Generation Access
  • Policy and Regulation: Mobile Networks
  • Overview of Telecom Networks
  • Choice of Module on Cost Modelling or NGN

On Day 3 of the course, delegates then follow either a cost-modelling or NGN module for the remaining two days:

Cost Modelling Module

  • Overview of Principles of Cost Modelling
  • Practical Cost Modelling
  • Cost Modelling: Case Studies
  • Cost Modelling: The Future
  • Hands On Cost Modelling

NGN/ NGA Module

  • NGA Technologies and Roll Out Issues
  • NGN Commercial Issues and Service Costing
  • Economic Development
  • OTT and Net Neutrality
  • Group Exercise

If you have any questions about the course or registration, please contact us.