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InterConnect Communications

Consulting in Communications Regulation and Strategy

InterConnect Communications is a consulting company specialising in communications sector strategy, policy and associated regulatory frameworks.

Our key service areas cover access and interconnection, numbering, spectrum management, next generation networks (NGN), wireless networks and ICT development. In addition to our consulting services, InterConnect also organises the highly successful TRMC Master Classes.

InterConnect has been successfully advising clients for almost 30 years, helping them to adapt and evolve through what has been a period of explosive industry growth and change. We are equally passionate about the future and the role our team of highly experienced and skilled consultants will play in shaping the communications landscape of tomorrow.


About InterConnect

InterConnect Communications is an established and widely respected supplier of consulting services to the telecommunications and wireless industry.

The company was established in 1984 and over the years, we have assisted governments in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa to introduce telecommunications sector reform, establish independent regulatory authorities and develop fair and transparent regulatory processes together with supporting legislation.

We also advise operators on regulatory compliance and business planning issues and increasingly act as specialist advisers to financiers and venture capitalists in merger / acquisition activities, providing comprehensive regulatory, technical and commercial due diligence support. More ... Company Overview

Regulation and NetworksRegulation and Networks

Over the last 15 years, InterConnect’s multi-disciplined team of telecommunications experts has assisted governments to establish national regulatory authorities and these same NRAs to develop their institutional capacity and to adapt and implement new regulatory regimes.

We advise regulators on the regulatory frameworks for which they are responsible: authorisation and licensing, access and interconnection, retail and wholesale tariffs, numbering and number portability etc. Importantly, however, we are also looking to the future … to next generation networks and developments in IP addressing.

Building on our in-depth knowledge of policy and regulation, InterConnect assists operators with regulatory compliance and business planning to help them compete and flourish in the liberalised market. We have amassed a wealth of project experience in telecoms reform, institutional development, regulatory frameworks and compliance issues. Contact us to learn more about our regulated network services and how we could help you move your business forward.

Spectrum and WirelessSpectrum and Wireless Rollover

Wireless operators using wide-ranging technologies and services will implement and evolve networks and run them to achieve adequate return on investment. InterConnect helps operators and financiers develop strategy, suggesting and evaluating options and determining the impact of change. InterConnect helps government and regulators maintain competition in these networks to benefit consumers.

Wireless networks use the radio spectrum. Regulation and management of the spectrum are essential to maximise the radio spectrum’s contribution to the economy of the nation-state and to the social welfare of the people. InterConnect helps government and spectrum regulators develop spectrum policy, ensuring coexistence and equality of access for all.

Contact us for more information and to discuss how we can help you secure competitive advantage and business goals in the world of radiocommunications.

Internet Infrastructure and GovernanceInternet Infrastructure and Governance

InterConnect’s Internet Infrastructure and Governance team provides public and private sector organisations with comprehensive technical and policy knowledge on Internet infrastructure and governance to help them deal effectively with the technological, political, economic and social issues of the Internet. Taking each case as a unique challenge, we provide carefully targeted policy analysis and technical support on:

  • Internet of Things – policy, standards, security
  • Internet Governance and Policy – ICANN, IETF, W3C, ITU, IGF
  • Cyber Security and Privacy – threats and opportunities
  • Domain Name Ecosystem – Registry and Registrars, ccTLD, gTLD, DNS & DNSSEC
  • Internationalising the Internet – the next billion users

More ... Internet Infrastructure and Governance
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