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Internet Infrastructure and Governance

Domain Name Ecosystem

The Internet’s basic architecture was designed to scale up, but we are now grafting new systems onto old ones while trying to maintain the Internet’s interoperability and end-to-end principles.

This creates new challenges that we can address through analysis and strategic planning, such as compatible addressing schemes and naming and numbering in an Internet of Things era. We can help your systems evolve to meet new needs and scale up for the next billion users. We can also analyse and build policies to make your new specialised domain successful.

Our Expertise

As the Internet continues to patch and grow, service providers, regulators and large commercial users of Internet traffic will need to understand and optimise its emerging infrastructure and associated technologies, including the Domain Name Ecosystem.

Providing solid and sophisticated technical and policy advice for regulators, registries and registrars, we offer a full range of service offerings on:

  • The Domain Name System (DNS), DNS security, and its related technologies
  • Internet technical standards and protocols
  • Software Defined Networks (SDNs); policy, technology, cost modelling and security
  • IP address resource visualisation, and analysis of how to meet emerging needs
  • IPv6 transition, policy and implementation
  • Carrier Grade Network Address Translation (CGN)
  • Specialised Top Level Domain (TLD) policy and implementation
  • Domain name market analysis including policy, economic and social factors

How We Can Help

InterConnect can assist with:.

  • Review registry/registrar models for efficiency and market resilience.
  • Build robust governance structures within different registry/registrar models
  • Construct tailored policies for specialised TLDs and ccTLDs.
  • Constructing secure, resilient systems and DNSSEC implementation.
  • Compliance via policy and infrastructure for regulations by governments and international organisations such as ICANN, IETF and ITU.
  • 5-day Master Class in Internet Governance and Policy, either in the UK or tailored and provided directly to your organisation

If you are interested in learning more about what our team of experts can provide for you, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss in more detail.