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Internet Infrastructure and Governance

Cyber Security

The Internet is designed primarily to be fast, open, and scalable, but not necessarily secure. From poisoned DNS caches to address spoofing, or data transfer to networked cloud computing, the potential points of security failure are many and growing even more complex as we move towards an Internet of Things.

We can help make sure that you and your networks institute the best possible protocols, policies and standards to support security at every level.

Our Expertise

InterConnect has significant experience in providing security solutions at the technical and policy layers.

Our experts provide tailored, full-service offering of advice, consulting and bespoke training on:

  • Security for Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things
  • Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC); analysis of suitability, implementation, capacity-building and policy implications
  • Routing security and Resource Public Key Infrastructures (RPKI); and the application of RPKI to adjacent technologies in different sectors, such as energy and banking
  • Emerging technologies for law enforcement and Internet service providers in the context of relevant legal frameworks
  • Internet infrastructure hardening and implications for service providers and users
  • Data protection and privacy policies that support emerging business models and protect consumers

How We Can Help

  • Simplifying the security conundrum – helping you understand what cybersecurity is and means at any level, from technical and structural requirements to policy and data protection.
  • Navigating regulations at the local and international levels, such as the EU Data Protection Regulation and Privacy Shield.
  • Develop and implement policies compliant with both International standards and local requirements.
  • Building systems and policies with security by design.
  • Building secure networks and policies, from DNSSEC to the Internet of Things.
  • Understanding the interplay between technical requirements and policy.
  • 4-day Master Class in Internet Security and Privacy, either in the UK or tailored and provided directly to your organisation

If you are interested in learning more about what our team of experts can provide for you, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss in more detail.