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About InterConnect

Company Overview

InterConnect Communications is an established and widely respected supplier of consulting services to the telecommunications and wireless industry.

The company was established in 1984 and over the years, we have assisted governments in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa to introduce telecommunications sector reform, establish independent regulatory authorities and develop fair and transparent regulatory processes together with supporting legislation.

InterConnect’s professional services are grouped into the following main service areas:

  • Regulation – regulatory frameworks (including sector policy and legislation), the institutional development of regulatory bodies, authorisation and licensing, retail tariff regulation, universal service policy and strategy, and the development of type approval regimes;
  • Access and Interconnection – the drafting and review of regulatory guidelines and Reference Offers for network interconnection and Local Loop Unbundling, and the development of cost models and accounting separation methodologies for the regulation of wholesale tariffs;
  • Next Generation Networks - the development and implementation of effective licensing regimes to address the growth of NGNs, determining interconnection and access rights and responsibilities as they apply to NGNs, assisting NGN operators and users with ensuring regulatory compliance, and advising development agencies and others on the use of NGNs as a tool for economic development;
  • Broadband Strategy Development – policies for the use of electronic communications networks as a tool for supporting regional development, designing and supporting the implementation of Open Access Networks, and the development of Universal and Rural Service schemes for increasing access in unserved areas;
  • Due Diligence – the provision of impartial expert advice to support investment, merger and acquisition strategies;
  • Numbering – the creation of National Numbering Plans and the development and implementation of policies to support Number Portability;
  • Spectrum Management – the development of radio spectrum policy and the implementation of systems to effectively manage and monitor spectrum use.
  • Wireless Networks - the analysis and modelling of wireless networks to project current and potential business performance, due diligence on wireless investments, advising on acquiring and using the radio spectrum and wireless network development;

In addition to consulting services, InterConnect also provides both off-the-shelf and tailored training courses on regulatory, commercial and technical aspects of electronic communications.

In particular, InterConnect provides a highly successful range of training courses for industry professionals under the TRMC brand. Since the first TRMC course ran in 2000, ongoing delegate demand has resulted in a steady increase in the number of courses scheduled and has also prompted the introduction of new courses on specific regulatory topics to meet delegate requirements.

Early in 2001, InterConnect was acquired by Telcordia Technologies Inc., one of the world's largest providers of operations support systems, network software and consulting and engineering services to the telecommunications industry. We believe that this enables us to provide an even better level of service to network operators and telecommunications regulators.

Information on the company and our main consulting and training services is outlined under the main menu items above. Why not contact us for expert assistance for all your telecoms needs? We look forward to hearing from you.